Owning a property in Bangalore is the best option because Bangalore continues to be fastest growing metropolises in India. It is arguably the best city that has benefitted most from IT boom. The city has witnessed a fascinating development in recent times with respect to the coming of several exhorbitant housing as well as commercial projects. With newer projects yet underway and a swelling consumption-oriented urbane population, investment in the city’s real estate market calls for appreciation worth gaining. Whatever maybe one’s requirement – apartment, villas, houses, or even plots – it is indeed the right time to make the most out of the city’s real estate boom.

If you are planning to buy a property, finance could be a problem for most. With other commitments on hand like education, medical, family needs, etc, it becomes difficult to shell out such a huge amount at once. To ease out your worries, NBR assists you to avail home loans.

To avail of a Home Loan, we facilitate you to decide which Bank or financial institution would be best for you, after considering your budget and requirements; as different banks have their own set of terms and conditions and charges. The rate of interest changes from time to time and we are here to guide you as to whether with your requirements should you opt for a Fixed or Floating Rate of Interest. Processing Fees and Administrative Fees are charged by all institutions providing loans, which is upto a maximum of 1% of the loan amount and a 0.1% of the loan amount is to be paid to Stamp & Registration Authority, these calculations which are all taken care of by us.

Availing a Home Loan requires stringent documentation. But we are here to guide you for the same. If you are a self-employed person you would require the following documents –

  • Proof of Income [balance sheet, P&L A/c, Salary certificates, bank statements & professional qualification proof],
  • Copy of the Property Sale Deed
  • Self-attested Photographs
  • Documentation for the guarantor

In case of a Salaried individual you would require –

  • Residence & age proof
  • Income proof [salary certificate of 3 months in original, bank pass book of salary account, Pancard, Income tax Form 16]
  • Employment proof i.e. appointment letter, I-Card

Also, a common set of documents would include –

  • Photographs of the applicant and co-applicant
  • Details of any other loans and their outstandings
  • A cheque for processing fees

With these set of documents along your loan would be processed in a matter of minutes!

From providing real estate solutions to aiding you through acquiring it, we stand by our clients offering 100% support.

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