Bangalore at present is the best place for any real estate investment. It is one of the fastest growing metropolis in India. With the coming of the IT boom, the city is witnessing rapid developments on the real estate front too. Many exorbitant, marvellous and modern housing as well as commercial projects have been coming up. Because of the many IT companies and MNCs setting their base in Bangalore, the city has a diverse population, which is a mix of class, style and culture. One can easily find housing units as per his liking – apartments, villas, or independent houses. The appreciation in the real estate market calls for making the right decision regarding investment in a housing unit or a plot of land in Bangalore.

Your home builds value both emotionally and economically. With time moving ahead, the capital appreciation on your property also surges up. You can easily avail of loan against property while continuing to enjoy occupancy of the same, so that your immediate finance needs are met – personal or business.

Loans against property or Mortgage loans are secured by the mortgage of a residential property or commercial property. The end-use of this loan should be towards any declared legal purpose. The process for the same is not very tedious, and with our expert guidance, the task becomes closer to simple. We begin with helping you choose a reputed bank or financial institution from where you can avail of a loan easily. All the owners of the property, co- applicants can apply jointly for the loan. The loan maybe spread over tenure of maximum of 15 years. However the tenure depends further on parameters as – client’s age, profile, age of the client at maturity of loan, age of property at loan maturity. After consideration of all these factors is the tenure decided. A maximum of up to 50% of the prevailing market value of the property can be offered as loan by the bank or financial institution. The rate of interest changes from time to time and we are here to guide you on the same.

We aide you in calculating the charges that are levied by the loan offering institution; processing charges are 1.5% of the loan amount, other surcharges, statutory and regulatory charges, etc. These calculations are all taken care of by our team who are here to guide you. With the documentation part, we are always by your side to help you get your documents set right. At the time of loan approval these are the document set which are mandatory –

  • Proof of identity which can include – Valid Passport, Voters ID Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving Licence.
  • Proof of Income – PAN Card, last 3 months Salary Slip, last 6 months Bank Statements, latest Form 16 and IT Returns.
  • Property related documents – Title Deeds, Proof of no encumbrances on property.
  • Other documents – Appointment letter, last 6 months Bank Statements showing repayment of any Loans, Photographs of Co-Applicants, Cheque for Processing Fees.

Count on your home to help you achieve your financial goals. Enhance your life; enquire with us now for property mortgage!

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